Types of Sinuses and Its Symptoms

Knowing more information about sinus infection symptoms can be very helpful since sinus infection is quite common. What is sinus infection? Is it curable? To answer these questions, we should know the causes of sinus infection first. Speaking about sinus attacks, this condition is caused by an infection that occurs in cavities or sinuses. The condition becomes worse if there is any swelling, breathing would be more difficult which will also result in some discomforts such as headaches and fever. When such situation occurs, that’s what we call with sinusitis.

knowing sinusitis types » Types of Sinuses and Its Symptoms

Before going further with symptoms of sinuses, we should also know some types of sinuses. In fact, there are 4 kinds of sinuses: maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, sphenoid sinuses and also ETHMOID sinuses. When infected, each part of these sinuses can cause pain in any particular area. Depending on which part of sinuses that is infected, there are some different kinds of sinus infection symptoms. For example, pain over the eyes occurs with frontal sinuses, pain behind the eyes with sphenoid sinuses, behind the bridge of the nose with ETHMOID sinuses and pain inside each cheekbone with maxillary sinuses. Aside from these symptoms, there are also other common symptoms such as pain between the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, pain in the teeth, headaches early in the morning and also pain in the neck, ear and head. The other symptoms that may occur are runny nose, severe cough, weakness, tiredness and fever.


Knowing that sinus infections can be very painful, the next question is to find the best treatments. Fortunately, there are some pain killers and over the counter decongestions which can provide relief over sinus infections. These pain killers are available in some different forms. They usually available in the form of sprays and tablets. For those who prefer natural treatments over medical treatments, there are some natural remedies to consider. Some of these remedies are ripe grape juice, a cold/hot compress, jalapeno pepper and many more. Sinus infections can be cured once we know which treatment to use. However, in some different cases, sinus infections should be treated with the help from a specialist. Chronic sinusitis should be taken seriously as it can cause other serious problems if it is not treated properly. Since sinus infections can be very painful, knowing whether or not we suffer from this problem or not would be very helpful. The key is to know some sinus infection symptoms.